The Real Experience at Red Door Real Estate WNY — Alexis Mitchell

To start off my experience at Red Door, I would like to thank everyone who made my time enjoyable. Every agent, assistant, and even Red Door’s very own owner has welcomed me with smiles and laughter. Much of my time was spent with Liz Wandersee, who I will always be grateful to, for giving me this opportunity.

I learned so much while working at the office. Because I was their social media marketing intern, I could exercise many skills. These skills include my social media skills and photo editing skills, and I could tap into my creativity. My day-to-day experiences were always different, and I was always open to learning more. The projects given to me by Francis Fernando were valuable learning experiences. They really helped me practice my research skills and graphic illustrating skills.

At Red Door Real Estate WNY, you will really enjoy everyone you meet in the office, including the adorable dogs. I felt very valued and like a friend to everyone I encountered. I made so many memories I’ll never forget. Every memory will be valued, from playing card games at Halloween parties to decorating Treena the Christmas Tree. However, one of the things I loved most about being here was seeing everyone’s connection and how they got along so well like a family!

I know that every intern in the future will love their time spent at Red Door Real Estate WNY just as much as I have. Once again, I’d like to thank everyone I met here for welcoming me and treating me as a valuable team member during my time here. That was my very own real experience at this AMAZING real estate agency!



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